An Airstream Adventures Core Value

Of our six core values, Giving is perhaps the most important. Our commitment to Giving is inspired by:

    • Giving a helping hand, rather than a handout, leads to long term change
    • If you can, you should – get involved in your community any way you can Start local, give global. Don’t limit yourself!
    • The true measure of a business’s success is how much time, talent or treasure they can allocate to giving back and paying it forward
    • The walk should be greater than the talk

Giving Activities:

Children's Center, Clackamas, Oregon

Children's Center
Annual Gala
Clackamas, Oregon

The Children’s Center is a private, non-profit child abuse intervention center accredited by the National Children’s Alliance.

If we believe that kids are our future, we need to do something to make sure that their future is bright. That is why Airstream Adventures has partnered with the Children’s Center to sponsor the annual Gala event to continue to provide support for children who have suffered at the hands of abuse. Airstream Adventures’ Core Values of Giving and Respect are in alignment with the mission and values of the Children’s Center to help keep children in the light. 

National Forest Foundation

National Forest Foundation
Protect the Destination
Missoula, MT

The National Forest Foundation was created with a mission to bring people together to restore and enhance our National Forests and Grasslands. You can donate today to ensure these landscapes continue to provide countless benefits to all who depend on them.

Airstream Adventures has partnered with the National Forest Foundation since 2021, joining with the commitment to Protect the Destination. 120,001 trees were planted in celebration of our 11th anniversary. These newly planted trees will offset an estimated 5 years of our Guest's carbon footprint while they enjoy their Airstreams. Our dealer group is committed to protecting the environment and has adopted Conservation as a Core Value to preserve the beautiful natural lands that we all dream of exploring.

Youth Villages

Youth Villages
LifeSet Program, Gift Tree
United States

Youth Villages is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children with emotional and behavioral problems and their families live successfully. Youth Villages help set children and young adults up for success by organizing supply drives that provide access to healthy food, activities and other resources that might be difficult to come by.

Airstream Adventures provided generous donations to Youth Village in 2021. The donations went to Youth Village’s LifeSet program, a comprehensive support program that helps young adults aging out of the foster care system, often having layers of unaddressed trauma and little to no support to prepare for successful adulthood. Airstream Adventures has also been an annual supporter of the Holiday Heros drive hosted by Youth Villages, fulfilling wish lists for over 285 youth in these programs. Airstream Adventures went above and beyond for the holiday program, donating extra gift cards that allowed families to provide essential supplies for their children to have better access to therapy and education.

“We are so fortunate to have community partners, like Airstream, actively supporting the young people and families we work with.”
-Jonathan Whitmore, Youth Villages

Cycle Oregon

Cycle Oregon
The Classic
Portland, Oregon

Cycle Oregon doesn’t just expose riders to richly diverse Oregon communities, it also provides much-needed financial support to those communities. Proceeds from the rides have been placed in the Cycle Oregon Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation since January 1996, when Cycle Oregon created its fund at the Oregon Community Foundation.

Airstream Adventures has sponsored Cycle Oregon events for the past 10 years after CEO Ted Davis discovered his neighbor’s connection to the organization. A mutual love of the outdoors, speed, and supporting community causes led to a partnership that still thrives today.

Check out this blog post from Cycle Oregon!

World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief
Chicago, IL

World Bicycle Relief combines impactful nonprofit programs with social enterprise sales to meet the staggering need for reliable, accessible transportation in developing regions. Since 2005 World Bicycle Relief has mobilized and empowered people through The Power of Bicycles®. Over the past 15+ years, they have distributed more than 640,000 rugged, specially designed, and locally assembled Buffalo Bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs across their program countries in rural regions of Africa, Southeast Asia and South America – to help them conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence, and thrive. Their sustainable and scalable community-led programs are supported by a strong infrastructure of trained, local mechanics, assemblers, and supervisory committees.

Airstream Adventures has partnered with WBR in support of their WBR500 event, a virtual Zwift fundraiser to raise money in support of WBR’s mission to spread access to bicycles and thus education and opportunity to underdeveloped nations.

“Airstream Adventures has been an incredible partner of our WBR500 Event – On December 30th, 100's of riders joined us on Zwift to ride anywhere from 5km to 1000km, in support of World Bicycle Relief. Riding together, to make a tangible difference to help provide brand new bikes to individuals and communities in need.”
-Kemi King, World Bicycle Relief

Shelby County United Way

Shelby County United Way
Sidney, OH

Shelby County United Way is on a mission to support community building through a variety of local programs. They emphasize youth and family support, human needs resources, health and wellbeing, and rebuilding from adversity.

Airstream Adventures donates $25 for every Airstream sold to support Shelby County United Way’s programs. 18,000 residents benefit from these programs annually, from food distributions to early childhood literacy programs. Shelby County United Way’s initiatives truly support all aspects of the community including career coaching and professional development for high school seniors, victim services and counseling, domestic violence shelters, youth group homes and more.

“Your gift matters and is changing lives. Thank you for the continued support through this very special arrangement.”
-Scott S. Barr, Shelby County United Way

Other Community Partners
PB Abbate
Washington, DC

PB Abbate is an organization dedicated to helping former military personnel with PTSD reacclimate to civilian life. Airstream Adventures CEO Ted Davis happened to come across a fundraising event and was so moved by their mission that he and Airstream Adventures helped to meet their fundraising goal immediately!

Oregon Wine Experience
Medford, OR

The Oregon Wine Experience is a fundraising event in support of Asante Children’s Miracle Network program and other health care programs. 100% of the event’s proceeds benefit this charity each year.

New York, NY

BioBus helps K-12 and college students in New Yok City learn more about science that are typically excluded from the scientific community. BioBus strives to build a world where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential within the field of science. Airstream Adventures donated a trailer to be converted into a mobile science lab by Ultimate Airstreams to help BioBus achieve its mission.

Portland, OR

Airstream Adventures is a proud sponsor of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Columbus, OH

The Pelotonian race is an annual 100-mile-long charity bike ride to fundraise for cancer research. Airstream Adventures has been a sponsor and participant in this event to help raise money for cancer research.

Oregon Child Abuse Solutions

Oregon Child Abuse Solutions is a nonprofit grounded in collaborative partnership with a goal of providing children access to a wide range of services. OCAS has helped to develop Oregon Interviewing Guidelines, Karly’s Law training video, Oregon Child Forensic Interview Training, and many more. Airstream Adventures supports OCAS’s mission as a donor and believes in creating a safer and brighter future for all children.

Corvallis, OR

Airstream Adventures has proudly provided financial support to help fund the Economic Scholarship opportunity for students.

If any of these causes inspire or move you and if you can, PLEASE donate your time, talent, or treasure.