About Airstream Adventures

Thank you for visiting Airstream Adventures and Ultimate Airstreams! As the nation’s largest Airstream dealership group, we are proud to help Airstreamers create Memories & Adventures as they travel throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California.

If you require of sales, service or parts support, please contact your nearest Airstream Adventures location. If you are looking to contact a specific Team Member, please visit our Meet The Team page.

We look forward to assisting you!

Our Foundation...

Airstream Adventures NW was founded in 2010 during the Great Recession led by Ted Davis and his 2 partners: Parker Johnstone and John Dimmer.

We recognized the need for a Sales and Service experience that was equal to the Airstream brand, and that multi-line dealers were not fulfilling this role. Even though the Great Recession took out nearly 40% of the RV dealers and 25% of the manufacturers, we recognized this as a perfect opportunity to step outside of the traditional dealership model and create a Total Guest Experience focused solely on Airstream. Within a few months of opening in May 2010, we realized from the incredible responses from Guests like you that this new approach to Airstream sales and service was not only preferred but necessary. Therefore; in May 2011 we opened our Seattle location and continued expansion in May 2012 to Idaho and one year later, in May 2013, with a San Francisco location. In May 2014 we opened the first factory-authorized, dealer-backed commercial up-fitter and Airstreams custom shop. In May 2017, we formed our Holding company, AANW Holdings LLC, and in February of 2018 opened up our fifth location: South Bay Airstream Adventures.

Our Culture...

Our company is based on several key principles, the first being our purpose as an organization. Which is to provide our Team Members the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and our Guests the opportunity to create memories and adventures in an Airstream that will last for generations. We believe that focusing on our Team Members and Guests will provide us the financial results every company needs; instead of focusing on financial first and putting people second. We believe every healthy company is founded on its people and its Guests. Our Vision Statement is designed to be deliverable. Something our Guests can live, breathe and experience. It is to provide you the inspiration and freedom to explore new lands, rekindle old adventures and discover new friendships without boundaries. If Wally were alive today; we believe he would give us his silver seal of approval.

In order to achieve and deliver our Vision Statement we have commitments to our Guests that ensure we hold ourselves to our own standards. They are: To provide you an experience equal to the Airstream brand, to provide you support 24/7/365, to understand your unique needs and wants, to provide you timely, relevant and accurate communication, and to help you create memories and adventures that will last for generations. Finally, our Core Values are the foundation for every decision we make and how we behave, these are:

Respect, Efficiency, Safety, Cleanliness, Giving, and Conservation.

We are humbled and honored to be part of the Airstream legacy. Airstream Adventures recognizes the reason that we have both the legacy, and stewardship of this heritage. As a dealership, and Airstream company we look forward to making sure we continually evolve to meet the needs of our Guests today and tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to helping you create memories and adventures in an Airstream.

Airstream Adventures Vision